Exhibition Catalogues

Miho Museum : South Wing (Commemorative editions for the museum opening)

A compilation of works from our South Wing, containing art from Ancient Egypt, West Asia, Greece, Rome, South Asia, China, and Islam.
(size: A4, 383 pages, including 312 in color)
Hard Cover 5,150 yen
Soft Cover 4,600 yen

Miho Museum : North Wing (Commemorative editions for the museum opening)

A compilation of our Japanese Art collection, containing ancient ceramics, Buddhist art, Yamato-e paintings, calligraphy, lacquer ware, tea ceremony arts, decorative arts of the pre-modern age, and Kenzan Ware.
(size: A4. 256 pages, including 240 color pages)
Hard Cover 4,650 yen
Soft Cover 3,650 yen

Kenzan: Miho Museum Collection

October 1 through December 11, 2016
size: 18.1cm×25.8cm, 183pages / 2,200 yen

KIWAMI In Praise of Tea Ceremony Kettles

June 4 through July 31, 2016
size: 18.5cm×25.0cm, 330 pages / 2,500 yen

Decoration in Faith and Festival

March 1 through May 15, 2016
size: 22.5cm×22.5cm, 369 pages / 2,800 yen

A New Yorker's View of the World : The John C.Weber Collection

September 15 through December 13, 2015
size: 22.2cm×29.8cm, 455 pages / 3,000 yen

Celebrating Two Contemporary Geniuses : Jakuchu and Buson

July 4 through August 30, 2015
size: 29.7cm×22.7cm, 387 pages / 3,000 yen

Japanese Art from the Miho Museum Collection: Spring Highlights (Japanese version only)

March 14 through June 7, 2015
size: 19.6cm×15.0cm, 186 pages / 2,160 yen

Shishi and Komainu: Mythical Beasts from Far Away

September 2 through December 14, 2014
size: 18.5cm×24.2cm, 301 pages / 2,916 yen

The Miho Merciful Mother Kannon and the Lotus Miroku: Two Tapestries

Lotus Miroku: Two Tapestries
July 19 through August 17, 2014
size: 29.7cm×21.0cm, 123 pages / 1,800 yen

Edo Kaleidoscope: Sarasa, Bidoro, Oranda

March 15 through June 8, 2014
size: 29.2cm×22.0cm, 293 pages / 3,100 yen

Negoro: Efflorescence of Medieval Japanese Lacquerware

September 1 through December 15, 2013
size: 26.3cm×18.8cm, 436 pages / 3,024 yen

The Flowering of Edo Period Painting Japanese Masterworks from the Feinberg Collection

July 20 through August 18, 2013
size: 29.8cm×22.5cm, 223 pages / 2,400 yen

Ancient Glass: Feast of Color

March 9 through June 9, 2013
size: 29.7cm×22.5cm, 399 pages / 2,900 yen

Dogū, a Cosmos

September 1 through Decenber 9, 2012
size: 24.2cm×18.5cm, 341 pages / 3,240 yen


Legend of Peach Valley

When the painter Yoh Shomei visited the Miho Museum, he took a walk around the museum and its vicinities. Inspired by I. M. Pei's architectural conception, Yoh illustrated this beautiful picture book.
size: A4. 44 pages / 1,620 yen

Architectural Photograph Diary

size: L; 26.5cm, W; 18.0cm / 1,450yen

MIHO MUSEUM THE 10th ANNIVERSARY Book (Japanese) (English) (Chinese)

Published September 1, 2007
size: A4, 146 pages / 2,600yen


Bilingual Edition (Japanese & English)
size: L; 25.0cm, W; 24.3cm / 2,100yen



This CD contains 12 instrumental pieces.

CD: The World of Beauty

This CD contains 5 instrumental pieces and two songs.


T-Shirts: Drawing by architect I. M. Pei

color: Black / Blue / Natural undyed fabric
size S / width: 89cm length: 68cm
size M / width: 99cm length: 74cm
size L / width: 109cm length: 75cm
size LL / width: 114cm length: 79cm