Arte della Luce-
The Art of Light

  • Granre(Great King)

    Red blended with grapes from old vines. The rich flavor and aroma from the fermented fruit creates a harmonious symphony.

    Red/Full- bodied
    Uva della Cascina

  • Grandama (Great Woman)

    Arte della Luce- Origin of The Art of Light. Its refined and mellow fragrance resembles a mother’s affectionate embrace, leaving a beautiful reverberation.

    Red/Full- bodied
    Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Gransol(Great Sun)

    This wine has the color of golden amber, is a mature white wine with mineral characters and aromatic scents. Its radiant glow reaches deep and enchants our senses.

    Amber (Orange)/Full-bodied
    Riesling Italico

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From vineyard to wine production, the whole process is one of extreme commitment.
Winemaking is a highly dedicated and traditional profession.
Complex and subtle, the flavor exceeds our concept of wine.

These comments are excerpts from the Italian wine magazine ‘Lavinium’.

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By the glass
  • GrandamaRed, mostly Cabernet Sauvignon
  • GransolAmber (Orange), Riesling Italico
  • GranreRed, Barbera and Croatina blend
  • Miho tofu and vegetable chips

Contents may vary according to seasonal vegetables.
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